How can I help you to achieve your ambitions?

Advise and coaching

An external focus is needed, but the capacity is lacking or you can use extra support? I help you and your employees to achieve your goals.

Alliance building

Do you need an experienced process manager for the development of a new partnership, project or initiative? I will be happy to help you achieve the desired result. Together we define the goals and the method of collaboration with you and your team.

Added value

It is all about value. I am therefore happy to discuss with you how we can translate my commitment into value for both of us. A fair price based on the added value for your organisation

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Chris Karman

the person behind CONEXYS

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Trained as an ecologist, Chris understands the importance of the relationships between all the players in an ecosystem. In his career, this has proven to be an important fact, where, in addition to content, relationships have become more and more important. He has worked with research organisations, government and industry (including offshore, maritime, agriculture and chemistry). Key words: involved, honest, flexible, result-driven and reliable.

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Mail:, Phone: +31 6205 38388